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My project at Twitter officially graduated from Apache incubator today.

Incredible view at almost 9000 feet (at Olmsted Point)

#Chrome (at Archstone San Bruno)

Cheers (at Hog Island Oyster Co)

Byword.css for

It works with nvALT as well.

Just save it as ~/Library/Application Support/Notational Velocity/custom.css.


Please stop embedding Bootstrap classes in your HTML!

But along with Bootstrap has emerged an ugly, insidious and destructive developer antipattern: embedding Bootstrap’s CSS classes directly in HTML. Not just end-developers: nearly every library that implements support for Bootstrap does it. Twitter’s documentation, in fact, encourages you to do it, even though other frameworks realized this was a problem as far back as 2009.

Email: Archive It All. Immediately.


A week ago, I came home after a long night of drinking and wanted to vomit. It wasn’t the whiskey. It was the email. 

I had been gone approximately 6 hours at an event and subsequent after-party. I didn’t check my email the entire time. When I came home, I had over 50 new emails in my inbox (this doesn’t include the ones I automatically archive thanks to Gmail filters). 50-some emails all of which I needed to take action on in some form or another.


Undoubtedly aided by the aforementioned drinks, I hit “Select All” and debated hitting “Delete”. Not just for those 50-some emails. But for all 50,000+ that were sitting un-archived in my inbox. Then I thought better of it. Instead, I hit “Archive”.

Best thing I’ve ever done. 

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Ever feared too much to hit the Archive button?